About Us

About Us Milestone Investments, Inc., based in Toronto, Ontario Canada, is a client-focused investment firm that operates at the highest levels of integrity and personal service. Our founder, Ampreet Bhui, has more than eight years of successful financial investment and banking experience to his credit. His vision for this company grew out of his enjoyment of helping his clients’ secure personal wealth for themselves and their families. Today, Milestone Investments, Inc. services its customers with a dedicated staff of licensed investment professionals that share our founder’s philosophy of integrity and personal service. We build financial portfolios that speak to your individual investment needs. An initial consultation with us generates the blueprint of your desires, plans and financial goals. This blueprint then acts as the frame work from which we assist you in achieving financial security over your lifetime. Your initial consultation with us is FEE-FREE. Instead, we would like for you to experience the difference in service and personal attention that we offer. Contact us TODAY at 647 273 0555  to learn more about your investment options. Call on us to learn how your money can grow to provide for your family in the years to come and even in your absence. Contact Milestone Investments, Inc. TODAY at 647 273 0555. Milestone Investments, Inc. Ph: 647 273 0555 eMail: info@miigrowth.com