Providing financial protection for your family is an important and necessary part of your life investment planning.  At Milestone Investments, Inc. we work to find solutions for you insurance protection needs. Our advisors are experienced in helping families determine what policies best fit their needs.

Having a diverse choice of coverages and options is important. We offer the following solutions to your insurance protection needs:

Term Insurance Often the premier choice for young families, term insurance provides temporary or short-term insurance protection for a designated period of time. Beneficiaries receive their insurance benefits tax-free.

The advantages to term insurance include a lower premium rate and flexible commitment. With term insurance you can choose options that will allow you to pay off your mortgage and the taxes on your estate as well as business loans and lines of credit as well as meet your personal loan obligations. Term insurance can also include some minimum estate planning for your heirs.

The short-term nature of term insurance can also be rolled over into permanent insurance plans in the future. You are also rewarded in premium costs for living a healthy lifestyle under a term insurance policy.

In exchange for the premium, you will receive coverage. It is your choice to continue the policy as it was originally written as long as you meet the financial obligation.

We can help you determine if term insurance is the right choice for your family.

Term Insurance Solutions Real Life Example:  Martha and Matt are in their twenties with two young children ages, two and four. They have purchased and are living in their first home that carries a 30 year mortgage.  They have some minimal credit card and personal loan debt. They both have decided to carry term insurance policies. In the event of the demise of either or both parents the children are named as the beneficiaries of their parent’s term insurance policy. The young family chose this policy as it was a less expensive way of insuring their children’s future in their absence as well covering any debts they may leave behind such as their mortgage payments and estate taxes.

Permanent Insurance Permanent Insurance offers families a lifetime solution to the question of life insurance protection by providing coverage from its inception throughout the purchaser’s lifetime.

Permanent insurance is a peace of mind solution that offers the insured person to elect a policy that considers an in depth picture of your family’s overall financial protection needs. It is a more comprehensive plan allotting for final debt payments, estate tax needs and meeting the needs of your spouse and heirs in your absence. This plan also allows you to option of charitable giving after you pass on.

Your payment premium is determined by the amount of coverage appropriate to cover your expenses and responsibilities as well as your health status.

The following are the two types of permanent life insurance plans we offer at Milestone Investments, Inc.

Types of Permanent Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance Universal life insurance is a permanent insurance protection plan that has a tax-advantage investment build-in. This protection policy has the ability to provide an additional income source in the event of emergencies, retirement and estate planning.

At inception, we can help you select investments that meet your risk tolerance level and financial goals. At Milestone Investments, Inc. we work to accommodate your changing needs by servicing this plan with your life changes to suit yourevolving needs.

Participating Life Insurance Participating life insurance is a permanent life insurance plan that includes a tax-advantaged savings benefit. This plan provides a lifetime protection plan as long as payments are received to maintain it.

The coverage is guaranteed for premium, death benefit and cash surrenders. Dividends generated from this policy can be used towards the purchase of other life insurance as well as to reduce the premium expenses for your current participating life insurance policy. Riders are frequently added to this policy for additional protection not covered in the basic policy.

Universal Life Insurance Real Life Solution Example: Sarah and Bill have been married for 14 years. They have a home, two cars and three children the nearing their college years. Bill is the primary income earner contributing to the family’s financial obligations. They have accumulated some debt and bills over the years.  The couple is actively involved in their community and wishes to leave a legacy that respects their goal of supporting others. The couple is also interested in investment options. Bill and Sarah have elected to purchase a permanent life insurance plan to cover Bill at death to help secure the family’s financial future.  They met with us to help determine the amount of the permanent life insurance policy needed to cover their major expenses and also leave benefits for their family to maintain their lifestyle. The couple also was able to designate their charitable giving after Bill passes on.

Insurance for Tax Advantages In certain cases carrying life insurance affords you tax advantages.A great example of this is maintaining a permanent life insurance policy for the purposes of estate planning. In the event of your demise and the distribution of your assets your heirs will likely face taxes for the appreciating value of your assets, accept on your principal real estate that they inherit from your estate. While Canada does protect your spouse and other heirs from taxes upon death they will incur an appreciation tax on other real estate and securities.

Life insurance can be used to help pay off taxes generated in property transfer cases where your loved ones may have been forced by the tax code to sell the assets  you  passed along to them to meet the tax obligations.

Life insurance can also shelter you from certain taxes built up inside a cash value-policy. The same money placed in a bank deposit or mutual fund would incur yearly interest, capital gains or dividend deductions were it not for the cash-value policy.

The ability to defer the taxes for twenty years, for example, allows you to accumulate interest tax-free for that time period. Taxes would be extended to the principal upon your cash out of the policy.

Importance of Your Will A will is a legal document that directs those in your absence as to how you would like your assets to be distributed. If you wish to pass along your wealth to your spouse and children as well as to charities having a will is a testament to your wishes.

Being able to direct to whom your possession belong is an opportunity for peace of mind while they adjust to life without you.

It is estimated that 7 out of 10 people die without writing a will. This leaves their estates often times in the hands of the government to settle your final accounts. A document indicating your wishes can be the necessary final piece of security you put in place for those you care about.

A will can ensure your legacy as well as your wishes. Our advisors are well prepared to help you make set your last will and testament. Speak with us today about your options.

Life Changes In cases of job termination, inheritance, loss of spouse or even retirement financial decision can become more complicated. Our specialists can help provide information about policies that will help you your unexpected times as well as in your leisurely years when you would like to maintain a certain kind of lifestyle. 

RRSP A Registered Retirement Savings Plan, in most cases is exempt from tax during the time your savings are placed in the plan. The plan is tax deductible. However, tax is assessed when you withdraw, cash out or receive payments.

LIRA A Locked-In-Retirement is the way that you can secure your pension when you leave an employer. The LIRA is created from your pension and with few exceptions, remains unavailable for your use until you reach retirement age or the age of 71 years. LIRAs are often referred to as LRSPs, Locked-In-Retirement Savings Plans. The LIRA is a plan that does not allow you to make further contributions once it is created from your pension.

RRIF Your 71st birthday is a milestone in your life. It is a big celebration in terms of your living years as well as an indicator that triggers your need to cash out your RRSP. The RRIF is the plan of choice to rollover your RRSP. It allows you to continue investing in much the same way your RRSP did as you still benefit from a tax shelter for your investments. However, unlike the RRSP, the RRIF does not allow additional contributions once it is created. The RRIF requires you to withdraw a minimum from your account annually. The amount of your annual deduction is determined by a percentage of the plan’s total value. The range is between about 5% up to 20%. The percentage increases annually. The total value of your RRIF may decrease as withdraws are made. The income from this plan is taxable, however the minimum does not carry a withholding tax at the time of withdraw. Taxes will be assessed at the end of each tax year.

RESP Your child’s Registered Education Savings Plan is tax exempt. This plan allows you to make the maximum contribution to save for your dependents educational needs without incurring taxes. We encourage you to make the maximum contribution annually to save you money pre-tax deductions.

GICs Guaranteed Investment Certificates offer short term investment solutions. The advantages to investing in GICs include guaranteed growth on fixed rate GICs, flex payments, less risk in comparison, can be included in your registered plan. Overall GICs are favourable to investors looking for a turnaround within a few months, five, seven or ten years.

Mutual Funds Sifting through the thousands of available mutual funds for investment purposes can prove daunting and overwhelming. When it comes to choosing which mutual funds are right for you, we are can take the question out of what funds will get you the results you wish to achieve. Our advisors work to find mutual funds that meet your needs and your risk tolerance.

Speak with us today about what solutions are right for you.

Milestone Investments, Inc. Ph: 647 273 0555 eMail:

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