Headline: Do you follow these 4 rules of learning to make the most out of a meeting?

The rules of learning are: The rules of learning state that when your participation is at the top limit your interest in learning sticks in your heart and your mind. Your will know and remember with your whole self.
  1. Participate: When your have your full partipation 100% of the time you get most out of the meeting.
  2. Guidance: Be always willing to accept the guidance from the person who already is successful. If you know it all then why are you here? If you want to learn than take risks. learning from people with experience allows you to gain valuable insights without having the life experience.
  3. Energy: When you have your high energy level it attracts high energy people around you. Energy builds on energy and promotes learning with an open mind. All human activity is energy. The more you have, the more it affects your learning curve with an open mind.
  4. FUN: have fun doing things and it makes the learning faster and more enjoyable. Making a game of learning makes everything easier, fun is like lubrication which allows the learning machine to operates smoothly.
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