Self-Directed RRSPs

Self Directed RRSPs Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) can be an important component of every client's investment portfolio. Self directed RRSPs has features which all clients are looking for: Access to mutual funds from various financial institutions. Self-directed RRSP have more control and flexibility as compared to the managed ones. Can consolidate a number of smaller RRSPs into one portfolio, greater ease to track There is some fee involved but gives you better leverage. You still pay MERs in traditional RRSPs. You can get return of 10%. Getting this return in managed RRSPs is very unlikely. Different types are: -         Individual RRSP – -         Spousal RRSP – for potential income splitting purposes -         Locked in RRSP/ LIRA – Investment vehicles for funds transferred from registered pensions plan. Your $50,000 can be $100,000 in 7.2 years. Come and talk to our advisors. Or email at

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