How to Invest and get 10% Return – Guaranteed

Promotional Offer: We as real estate developers, offer a unique opportunity to invest in to-be-launched real estate with a guaranteed principal. A guaranteed return of 10% annual is offered. Based on our experience, we choose the hottest pocket and buy vacant land. Then we put our builder team to plan, estimate and build the house. Our in-house real-estate selling team then sell it to an already interested party. We specialise in high-end and modern homes.   Soon to be started Project Details:   Property Details: Land Lot Size                       :           83 X 310 Square Footage                   :           7800 sq ft (including basement) Cost Details: Project Cost                           :           $2.7 Mio (Approx) Profit                                       :           13-15% (Approx) Duration: Start to end                            :           1 year to 1.5 years How you can invest: You can invest in RRSP, TFSA, RESP and/or Cash. You buy preferred shares of the company who owns the project.  $1 = 1 share. Restriction: We cannot sell more shares than investor’s limit.   Projects Done: 1.         521 Lakeshore Road, Oakville. Project Cost: $3.9 Million 2.         Olive villa Crt, Markham (Bay view/ steeles) – Project Cost 2.4 Mio 3.         Indian Road, Mississauga. Purchase Lot for $1.5 Mio. Total Project: $5Mio. 4.         Kenmuir Ave, Minneola. Project Cost:  $1.6 Mio 5.         In process of acquiring lot in Oakville by Lake.   Sample Cash Flow RRSP Money                       :           $100,000.00 Invested for term of the project, varies from 15-18 months. Annual Rate of Return       :           10% Every 12 months, you get   :           $10,000.00 You have the option to receive interest monthly, quarterly or yearly Every Month                         :           $833.33 Or Every Quarter                       :           $2500.00 X 4 Or Annual                                   :           $10,000.00 You have the option to accumulate the interest for higher returns. At end of the Project, you can choose to be partner with us for next Project.  

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